Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Poetic Acceptance

Now, this will, in all likelihood, only work for Alex's excellent UFO anthology; the sense of humor necessary to write a winning Unidentified Funny Objects story is also indispensable to taking this acceptance in stride:

Your submission is totally evil,
Pure as driven snow drivel,
Eye of newt and slime of frog,
wallowing warthog, mangy dog,
Awful, nauseating trash,
Train derailment, NASCAR crash,
Chamberpot full of night soil,
Cowpats broiled in tinfoil,
Squeezings from teenagers' pores,
Think that's bad? your story is worse.
So of course I'll buy this piece.
Contract is attached forthwith.

And since we are on the subject - don't miss Answer Man by A. J. Barr, online at DSF!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Poetic Rejections

Alex Shvartsman:


used a poetic rejection I wrote! On a real person, I mean:


So I guess I'll just have to write another:

I am in "like," though not in love
With your submission. Not awful stuff,
Not poorly written, not too rough,
I guess it just wasn't "not bad" enough.