Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Kasma's latest offering is an excellent story called Nuclear Family which should be on everyone's holiday reading list.

And this bit of fruitcake also appeared 2 years ago on the Drabblecast forum:



by Anatoly Belilovsky

“I don’t care how nice it is,” said the Inspector. “It’s still a transgenic recombinant product. Frankenfood. I have to take it away to be incinerated.”

“But…” the farmer sputtered. “It’s so sweet! So…”

“Large,” the Inspector said. “It’s a single, five-hundred-pound strawberry. I’m sorry. You know the law.”

“I got friends!“ the farmer threatened. 

“I got a warrant,” said the Inspector.

The farmer sighed. “How can you do this to a beautiful fruit like this? Tell me – I’d really like to know what you think - ”

The Inspector shrugged. “I’ve come to seize your berry, not to praise it.”


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